December 22, 2015 – From Rick Miranda, Provost & Dan Bush Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs


The university has completed its salary equity review of full professors who were below the regression line for their department and those faculty members who were not below the line but who self-nominated. One hundred and fifty two faculty members were evaluated and letters have been sent to each person reviewed. The process and outcomes are explained below along with the criteria on which evaluations were based.


Data for each faculty member was presented at a confidential meeting of all chairs/ heads and the dean of the college. That meeting also was attended by Dan Bush, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs; representatives from the Office of Equal Opportunity and from the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty. Each faculty member’s situation was discussed and any adjustment in salary was based on a consensus recommendation of this group.

Evaluation Criteria

The reviews were based on the standard criteria within each discipline and included comparisons with faculty peers (both female and male). In addition to teaching/advising, research/scholarship and service, the following factors were considered: 1) levels of achievement in comparison to multiple colleagues at key junctures of their career advancement; 2) time in rank, with particular emphasis on the period served as associate professor as this is a potential differentiating point for many faculty; 3) comparison of annual review evaluations and resulting merit increases with respect to the merit increases of peers who had comparable evaluations; and 4) consideration of any special circumstances within a given unit that might impact salary analysis; for example, the committee took into account situations in which there were high numbers of distinguished faculty (UDPs and UDTs) or high-achieving senior faculty recruited from outside whose salaries were well above the regression!

line for the unit.


Full Professors reviewed:

  • 49 of 110 female full professors were reviewed; 28 had their salaries adjusted (57% of those reviewed).
  • 103 of 267 male full professors were reviewed; 31 had their salaries adjusted (30% of those reviewed).
  • The average adjustment was 5.3%.

We are grateful to those who participated in this process and gave their thoughtful deliberation and careful consideration to each faculty member under review. Moving forward, as you know, President Frank has commissioned a Salary Equity Committee that has been tasked with identifying the best statistical model(s) for identifying salary outliers and/or patterns of equity concern. This group has been working intensively on this effort. We hope to begin applying some of these methods starting with the 2016 SALX to ensure CSU will have yearly opportunities to address salary equity issues from across campus.


Rick Miranda
Provost and Executive Vice President

Daniel Bush
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs