2018 - 2019

February 6, 2019

  • The committee reviewed past initiatives and recommendations and discussed the progress made in those areas.
  • The committee reviewed a proposal for additional funding for the mentoring circles project this semester. The mentoring subcommittee will provide more information to the group before a formal vote occurs.
  • The committee will continue to discuss priorities for the semester at future meetings.

January 16, 2019

  • Ruth Hufbauer and Monique Rocca are the new co-chairs of the committee.
  • The committee reviewed applications and selected candidates to fill current vacancies on the committee.
  • There are now vacancies in Monique and Ruth’s former positions. These will be filled at a future meeting.
  • The mentoring subcommittee is working on a funding proposal for the mentoring circles project.
  • The committee discussed potential priorities for the semester. This discussion will be continued once new members are onboarded.

December 19, 2018

  • The Standing Committee updated President Frank on the Mentoring Circles project and the current status of new membership applications.
  • Committee members had in-depth discussions with President Frank regarding non-tenure track faculty salaries and President Frank’s transition to full-time Chancellor.
  • The Mentoring Circles group will work on developing a budget and a list of needs in order to fully implement the program. These will be presented to President Frank at a later date.

December 5, 2018

  • The Committee discussed the current committee structure, including vacancies and pending applications.
  • Committee members decided to extend the application deadline to December 18th.
  • The Committee selected topics to discuss with President Frank at the December 19th meeting, including the Mentoring Circle project, funding for non-tenure track faculty, and the presidential transition.

November 7, 2018

  • The Mentoring Circle project has been announced via SOURCE. Members discussed interest in the project thus far and how to proceed once the semester wraps up.
  • A campus-wide announcement will be made soon regarding CWGE/SCSWF restructuring and open positions.

October 17, 2018

  • The Commission on Women and Gender Equity will be moved to the VPD office but will continue to have a direct reporting line to the President.  This means that the Standing Committee, a sub entity of the Commission will also transition to be housed in the VPD office.
  • The mentoring circles project is moving forward
    • facilitator on board
    • dates and times have been selected
    • will be rolled out through and email and potential SOURCE article.

October 4, 2018

  • Possible restructuring of the CWGE was discussed.
  • Members shared feedback on proposed restructuring and will provide structure and organizational ideas to the Commission.

September 19, 2018

  • Discussed how best to use funding. Guidelines will be refined and shared.
  • Mentoring Circles project will receive additional funding from the Provost’s Office and will begin sometime in the fall.

August 29, 2018

  • Possible restructuring of the CWGE was discussed. Details will be available in the future as more decisions are made.
  • Mentoring Circles group has put together a proposal for continuing development of the project. The proposal will be further discussed at next week’s SCSWF Retreat.
  • An agenda was set for next week’s SCSWF Retreat.
  • Several positions on the SCSWF are currently vacant. A call for applications will be forthcoming.

May 2, 2018

  • The SCSWF met with President Frank and discussed their recommendations and the informational topics.
  • The recommendations and the President’s response to them can be found on the History and Recommendations tab of the SCSWF website.

May 2, 2018

  • The SCSWF planned their agenda for the update meeting they have with President Frank.
  • They will put forth 2 formal recommendations for the President’s consideration (Awards Committee and CSU Writes)
  • They have 3 informational topics that they have been researching and will update the President on their findings (NTT, Service, Mentoring Circles).  No formal recommendations on these topics will be put forth at this time.

March 21, 2018

  • Several small working groups are working on white papers to express their ideas for improvement within the areas they are looking at this year.  Drafts of these papers will be distributed to the SCSWF members and upon finalization will be placed on the website for reference.
  • The SCSWF will submit their own independent recommendations to the President.  Rough drafts will be reviewed at the upcoming meeting.

February 21, 2018

  • The Standing Committee debriefed their previous meeting with Dan Bush.  They will formulate feedback and ideas of ways they can potentially assist him.
  • A series of white papers will be created by the small working groups that address specific issues and areas of concern
  • The Standing Committee will be creating three recommendations to send to the Commission on Women and Gender Equity that will be included in the latter group’s report to President Tony Frank in April

February 7, 2018

  • The Standing Committee met with Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Dan Bush to discuss updates on issues such as the salary equity study and its next steps, accountability, parental leave, annual evaluations, code review, faculty mentoring, etc.

January 17, 2018

  • The Standing Committee small working groups are continuing their research and development of concrete recommendations for the President which will be completed by the end of the semester.

November 15, 2017

  • The Standing Committee small working groups are beginning to identify areas of concern to craft recommendations for improvements and change.

October 18, 2017

  • The Standing Committee discussed the areas of interest they will work on this year in small groups.
  • Work will be focused on the following topics:
    • Parental leave
    • Service loads
    • Campus climate survey development (giving feedback to the Office of Diversity)
    • Mentoring circles/programs/policies/faculty awards
    • Identify leadership pathways within the university/salary equity and fairness/”pipeline” issues
    • Work/life balance
    • Women of color/LGBT faculty
    • NTT
  • The group will beginning spending one meeting a month breaking into small groups to work on materials to bring forth to the whole Standing Committee for review.

October 4, 2017

  • The Standing Committee met with President Frank to update him on their work and to receive his feedback
  • The group reported on the following work:
    • Research committee spring forum and progress with papers/presentations
    • Parental Leave policy – evaluating implementation, additional education needs to take place to make sure the new policy is being implemented consistently in all departments
    • Bullying policy – would like to have added to the faculty manual
    • Creation of mentoring circles
  • Fall Forum presentation debriefed
  • Communications around the rolling out of the supervisor training was discussed

September 20, 2017

  • Several new members were introduced and remaining vacancies and applications were discussed
  • Feedback and impressions from the presentation at the Fall Forum were discussed
  • Agenda was set for the upcoming update with President Tony Frank

September 6, 2017

  • New member applications were reviewed and discussed.  Decisions will be forthcoming
  • Summer work was reviewed and updates were provided

April 19, 2017

  • The CoNTTF presented to the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty.  Efforts will be made to open the lines of communication between the two groups so issues can be addressed at both levels.

April 5, 2017

  • Feedback from the Forum was discussed and evaluated
  • The Standing Committee will begin to determine additional areas to focus efforts based on the findings and recommendations of the focus group research
  • Mentoring has been established as a new area of focus for the Standing Committee

March 1, 2017

  • The Standing Committee met with the President’s External Advisory Council on the Status of Women at CSU and was able to share valuable input regarding the efforts being made around women and gender issues.  The Standing Committee was also able to discuss concerns and areas that need improvement.
  • The Service subcommittee is working to create a partnership with Faculty Council to begin addressing concerns surrounding service (i.e. over servicing women faculty members, distribution of service, value of service, etc.)
  • The SALAX project driven by the Provost’s Office is near completion
    • Publications are being created to report out and provide accurate information
    • Presentations to share new model will be held
  • Bullying Policy was reviewed and the Standing Committee will provide additional comments and feedback on the draft materials
  • Planning for the Forum to discuss the findings of the female faculty climate and culture focus groups continued and invitations have been sent to the campus community.  Forum will take place March 20, 3:00-6:00 in Ballroom A of the LSC (formal presentation followed by a light reception).

February 15, 2017

  • The Standing Committee will continue their work on the topics of:
    • Service
    • Bullying
    • Campus Climate Survey
    • Research Subcommittee (focusing on the faculty focus groups)
    • Mentoring Circles
  • A Forum to present the findings and recommendations from the faculty climate and culture focus groups is scheduled for March 20, 2017, 3:00-6:00 in Ballroom A.

February 1, 2017

  • Updates from the subgroups were given and an evaluation on where to focus members efforts took place.
  • Planning for the Forum to present the findings of the focus groups continues.

January 18, 2017

  • The Standing Committee reviewed the current working subgroups and began determining where to focus their efforts during the spring 2017 semester.
  • The Town Hall meeting to share the findings and recommendations of the campus climate focus groups was discussed.  Planning is underway and additional details will be available in the near future.

January 13, 2017

  • The Standing Committee met with President Tony Frank to update him on the work they have accomplished this semester.

December 7, 2016

  • Work in the area of Parental Leave, Service, Bullying and Awards continues.  Updates on all topics will be given in January
  • SALAX Model – the new model is being piloted and will be formally announced in spring.
  • Climate and Culture Focus Groups will be reported on during a townhall meeting in March.  Additional details will follow.
  • Membership:
    • Two new members were appointed: Monique Rocca (Warner College of Natural Resources) and Ruth Hufbauer (College of Agricultural Sciences)
    • Upon the retirement of Irene Vernon, Ellen Fisher will take over as Chair of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty.
    • The SCSWF is seeking a new rep for the College of Natural Sciences.  Interested faculty members should submit an application by January 21, 2017.

November 16, 2016

  • Kathy Rickard, the new Faculty Ombudsman, attended the first part of the meeting and was introduced to the SCSWF.  Members provided ideas and their vision for her position.
  • Each subcommittee reported progress.  Semester updates will be shared with the President during a special meeting on November 29

November 2, 2016

  • Applications for a new Chair, a College of Agricultural Sciences Rep and a Warner College of Natural Resources Rep were discussed and voted on.  Names will be submitted to President Frank for final approval and appointment
  • Focus Groups
    • Recommendations reviewed
    • Next steps for communicating findings to participants were discussed
    • Final report from outside facilitator should be received by the end of this week

October 19, 2016

  • General updates were reported by the subcommittees
  • Focus Groups
    • The recommendations were reviewed by SCSWF members
    • Feedback will be sent to the subcommittee members and the SCSWF chair will send the final preliminary draft to President Frank for review and additional feedback

October 5, 2016

  • Focus Groups
    • Findings were presented to President Tony Frank, Provost Rick Miranda and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Dan Bush
    • The subcommittee discussed the draft recommendations with the SCSWF to receive input and approval prior to presenting the final recommendations to President Frank on behalf of the SCSWF
    • Town Hall meetings will be held early spring semester to share the findings and next steps with the campus community

September 21, 2016

  • Presentation at Fall Forum was positive and allowed SCSWF to highlight the work it’s doing while educating attendees
  • Faculty Ombuds announcement has been made – article mentions work of SCSWF
  • Focus Groups
    • Information will be presented to President Frank
    • Public “town hall” type meetings will be held later in the academic year
  • Bullying Policy
    • Work on improvements continues

September 7, 2016

  • Albert Bimper and Shalini Shanker discussed the concerns that Standing Committee members had about equity in the hiring and employment of athletic coaches.  Concerns included:
    • Lack of metrics or clear strategic goals to improve gender distribution of coaching staff
    • Athletic department hiring committees possible subconscious gender bias – was suggested that the Athletics department should develop a plan to implement training for staff
  • Focus Groups
    • Results will be shared with President Tony Frank, Provost Rick Miranda and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Dan Bush in late September
  • Faculty Ombuds Position
    • Individual has been hired
  • Faculty Parental Leave
    • A new section on the HR website provides faculty and departments with a “one stop shopping” place to find information on the new policy
  • ADVANCE Grant
    • Did not receive funding but feedback was positive
    • Potentially hold a pilot workshop to show that the proposal is feasible

September 2, 2015

  • Subcommittees reported on work they had accomplished throughout the summer:
    • Pay Equity and Fairness – Provost Rick Miranda and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Dan Bush will attend the next Standing Committee meeting to update the group on the university’s efforts in pay equity
    • Women Faculty Awards – Preliminary listing of internal faculty awards compiled and added to the Standing Committee website, serving as a first step in larger efforts to get more women faculty nominated for awards.  Subcommittee to continue to work on finding ways to offer training on how to put together a competitive nomination packet.
    • ADVANCE GRANT – Well underway; has made it through the limited submission process.  Several key people across the university will support the project, which will aim to improve the culture and climate in two colleges.  Ideally, this will create a process that can be implemented throughout the CSU faculty community
    • Campus Climate Focus Groups – Protocol for focus groups developed and tested on two pilot groups.  Timeline is to hold focus groups throughout the fall semester and use the preliminary results in the ADVANCE Grant.
    • Faculty Ombuds Position – Solidifying logistics of position.  A search will commence as soon as the job description is finalized.
  • Discussion of ideas for a PR Plan
    • Will work with Pam Jackson to ensure open and transparent communication to the CSU community
  • Discussion of membership replacement and selection
    • Current members will create a plan based on the process used by the Commission on Women and Gender Equity

September 16, 2015

  • Met with Provost Rick Miranda and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Dan Bush to discuss administrative efforts to look at pay and equity data
    • Standing Committee will stay involved in these efforts, including providing feedback on the process
  • Discussion of bullying policy that has been implemented
    • Comments and suggestions provided for future consideration
  • In depth update on the work of the focus groups subcommittee
    • Outside facilitation will be needed to continue work in an appropriate manner
    • Original timeline of first round of focus groups will be postponed until the appropriate monetary resources and outside facilitation can be secured
    • Subcommittee will continue to work on these aspects

October 7, 2015

  • Membership guidelines determined
    • Sabbatical replacements, membership renewal, application requirements and meeting times determined
    • Discussions on membership terms and current membership to continue at next meeting
  • Chair update on networking, fundraising/development, and PR efforts
    • Discussion of possible positions that could be created to help with fundraising and development efforts
    • E-Newsletter being developed to update people about what the Standing Committee is working on
  • Update on focus groups
    • Subcommittee to begin reaching out to list of possible facilitators
    • Completion deadline April 2016
  • Parental leave update
    • Met with Dan Bush, Teri Suhr and Diana Prieto to discuss topics
    • Dan Bush and HR will pull info together for Standing Committee feedback and advice
  • Ombuds position is happening
  • ADVANCE Grant is making progress
  • Discussion of Sue and Irene’s experience on Salary Equity Committee
    • Noted dedication to process from involved parties
    • Noted variation in inequalities, raises and promotions

October 21, 2015

  • First newsletter being made; other PR to be determined after this
  • Discussion of service (faculty involvement in things outside of teaching and research)
    • Committee is concerned about amount of service done by women at the university; will look into this further
  • Pay Equity and Fairness update:
    • Will examine price per capita and how much was spent on bringing up men vs. women
  • Campus Climate focus group update:
    • Facilitator interviews in progress
    • Funding proposal will be submitted to President Frank after decision
  • Bullying will go before Cabinet again on October 27
  • Ombuds position update:
    • Description almost finalized
    • Search will be internal
  • Planning discussion for spring open house

November 4, 2105

  • Chair update on networking, budgeting and salary equity
  • Spring open event will take place late February
  • Parental leave update
    • Meeting with Dan Bush on November 20
    • Graduate students are working on a proposal
  • Service and Pay equity and Fairness update
    • Possible creation of subcommittee to look at general, non-gendered service
  • Discussion of adding links/profiles of past award recipients
  • ADVANCE Grant letter of intent submitted to National Science Foundation
  • Issues of service will be added to campus climate focus groups
  • Ombuds position ad should be out this semester
  • Updates from the Collaborative, Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, and Commission on Women and Gender Equity

November 18, 2015

  • Ombuds position update
    • HR working on job description formatting
    • Position should be filled by January
  • Salary equity update
    • Review done; information on spending on men to be given to SCSWF
    • Suggested that review committee members write from the SCSWF write down perceptions on how women and men were talked about differently to help with focus groups and cabinet conversation
  • Campus-wide social date, time and location set (additional information will be forthcoming)
  • Parental leave plan is in approval process
  • Equity pay model update
    • Lots of discussion taking place on how to do it correctly
  • Focus groups in process of finalizing facilitator position
  • Collaborative working on March launch: SCSWF to think of ways to contribute content
  • Newsletter in progress; to be sent out every few months
  • Discussion of climate survey
    • 3-4 broad topics to be covered in survey
    • Questions to be tailored to employment classification
    • Question of how to link to individual colleges

December 2, 2015

  • Updates about salary equity, parental leave, focus groups and the newsletter
  • Update with President Tony Frank
    • Discussion of focus group goals and plan
    • Discussion of survey
      • Survey now focusing on service instead of salary
      • Tony wants to ensure goal of discussion is cultural change
    • Discussion of parental leave goals
    • Discussion of ADVANCE Grant
      • On track to meet deadlines
      • Goal is innovative approach to systemic change
    • Questions and comments from President Frank

January 20, 2016

  • Review of salary equity numbers
  • Awards committee update
  • ADVANCE Grant application has been submitted
  • Ombuds position description finalized; position to be announced soon
  • Discussion of bullying and associated procedures
  • Discussion of campus climate focus groups
    • A perception exits that they are duplicative of campus climate survey follow up focus groups already happening
    • Discussion of how these focus groups are different and what the subcommittee can do to set them apart
  • List of priorities to help inform the Campus Climate Survey
    • Work loads
    • Race and the way we’re not dealing with racism
    • Transparency
    • Communication
    • Accountability
    • Decision making

February 3, 2016

  • Exercise on Salary Equity feedback for Rick and Tony at their request
    • Feedback from individuals and feedback on Salary Equity Committee compiled, to be drafted into a response
    • Discussion of Commission development and fundraising, including potential topics to target fundraising efforts toward
    • Planning session for campus-wide social event
    • Discussion of how to organize and disseminate salary equity data
    • Discussion of award nominations and associated logistics
    • Focus groups are making progress
    • Ombuds position is posted

February 17, 2016

  • Parental Leave update
    • Need to follow up on plan implementation, costs and potential resource guide
  • Campus-wide event planning
    • One person from each subcommittee to report about their work
    • Subcommittees will be at tables for follow up questions
  • Salary equity feedback to be cleaned up and submitted on behalf of the Standing Committee
  • Culture and climate focus groups to start in March/April right after spring break
  • Campus climate survey to launch next September
  • Discussion of potential ways to address bullying
  • Women’s Studies and Gender Research update on assisting students in addressing safety and sexism

March 2, 2016

  • Discussion of how best to follow up on parental leave plan
  • Discussion of who will speak and when at social event
  • Discussion of campus climate survey, including issues to include, confidentiality and outreach practices
  • Discussion of Ombuds position logistics
  • Collaborative officially launched; will hold big event on March 28 to celebrate
    • Discussion of how Standing Committee can assist with Collaborative needs

April 6, 2016

  • The SCSWF is interested in presenting at the President’s Fall Leadership Forum and will draft a proposal to submit to the Provost for consideration
  • Parental Leave:
    • Phase 2 of the Parental Leave for Faculty will be implemented July 1, 2016
    • Data for Phase 1 will be forthcoming
  • SCSWF reviewed goals and provided feedback that will be submitted to the Salary Equity Committee
  • Faculty Awards will begin to work with the Women and Gender Collaborative moving forward
  • Focus Groups:
    • Final logistics are in place
    • Submitted a request to VPR for additional funding for the project
  • Ombuds Position:
    • Position is posted
    • Deadline to apply is April 11, 2016
  • Bullying:
    • Subcommittee will begin drafting recommended changes and supporting materials to address weaknesses in the current bullying policy

April 20, 2016

  • SCSWF will host a Denver network event to connect with other groups focusing on women’s issues throughout Colorado
  • Parental Leave:
    • Looking in to the feasibility of creating a webpage to house information about the new policy – many are not aware of what’s available
  • Focus Groups:
    • Have begun and subcommittee was just notified that they received VPR funding
  • Ombuds Position:
    • Interviews will begin soon
    • Goal is to have person in place and ready to start by summer
  • Bullying:
    • Subcommittee working on draft policy and creating flow charts and supplemental materials
  • Discussion regarding the structure of update meeting with President Frank
  • Discussion on how to work/partner with Faculty Council
  • Service will be a topic to address in the upcoming semesters work

May 4, 2016

  • The SCSWF met with President Frank to update him on the work they’ve done this semester
  • Focus Groups:
    • Completed and well attended
    • Received IRB approval to also include written responses in data set for interested individuals who couldn’t be scheduled
    • Analysis of data will be completed late summer
    • Will present findings via a town hall type meeting
    • Have been committed to confidentiality throughout the entire process
  • Bullying:
    • Second draft almost completed and will include:
      • Definition of bullying
      • Timeline
      • Formal processes
      • Resources
      • Informal processes for witnesses, supervisors, accused and victims
      • Flow charts to visually represent info/procedures
  • Denver Networking Working Social
    • Have invited groups from across the state to come together for a working social
    • Hope to build statewide connections/collaborations around work being done on women’s issues
  • Fall Forum
    • Would like to present on work that’s been done.
    • Gather feedback from Fall Forum attendee constituency
  • Parental Leave:
    • Additional benefits will be implemented July 1, 2016
    • Cost is being tracked and compared to projections
  • Upcoming Agenda
    • Will be driven by the findings of the focus groups
    • Service
    • Implicit bias
    • Development/Fundraising (in partnership with the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity and the Women and Gender Collaborative)
  • Challenge from the President – Think of ways to make sure overlap between entities is avoided (work together but don’t step on each others toes)

September 10, 2014

  • Presentation by Chair of purpose, structure, and overall charge to the Standing Committee
    • Standing Committee to work on existing initiatives, create new initiatives and identify solutions
    • Core representatives to reach out to their colleges to gather data and report back to the Standing Committee
    • Standing Committee will report to President Frank
    • All information presented will be data drive
  • Discussion of possible issues to begin addressing during the 2014-2015 fiscal year (Discussion to continue in future meetings):
    • Pay Equity
    • Mentoring, Diversity
    • Awards
    • Work & Family Balance
    • Tenure & Promotion, Recruitment & Retention
    • Gender-based Disparities
    • Campus Climate
    • Potential bias in selection process
    • Implicit bias
    • Leave
    • Departmental bias
    • Culture (Campus and Departmental)
    • Types of research and acknowledgement for their validity

September 17, 2014

  • Standing Committee to chose five focus areas of varying expected goal lengths:
    • Tenure and promotion – Long run
    • Pay equity/fairness – Medium run
    • Family/Parental issues – Short run
    • Climate – Long run
    • Fairness/Bias/Evolution – Long run
  • Committee to request that President Frank send a communication to all faculty asking for participation and to direct feedback to the representative for the college
    • The hope is for the Standing Committee to be viewed as having administrative support in their efforts to become a productive outlet for improvement in the working conditions and environment of women faculty
  • After the presidential communication is sent, the Standing Committee will release a link to a survey by an email to faculty
    • All faculty will be asked to prioritize the five areas of concern listed above
    • They will also have an opportunity to list additional areas they’d like the Standing Committee to consider
    • After data collection and analysis, the Standing Committee will set specific goals within each area and begin finding solutions

October 1, 2014

  • Presentation of Mary Meyer’s salary equity data to the committee
    • Committee to ask Institutional Research and the Provost’s Office for additional information on what is being done to find and resolve the issues with salary equity throughout the university
  • Email with the survey link sent to all faculty members
    • Summary of the results to be presented and analyzed in upcoming meetings
    • Results to guide the Standing Committee when choosing where to focus their efforts

October 15, 2014

  • Presentation of survey results
    • One more email inviting participation to be sent out
    • Data to be added to website upon completion and removal of any possible identifiers
    • Next meeting will review data again and set priorities/goals
  • Discussion of possible ways to assist the Salary Equity Committee created by the Provost’s Office
    • Focus on transparency in current and future salary equity work in order to demonstrate that the university is working on the issue
  • Goals set for Fall 2014:
    • Have a recommendation for President Frank for at least one of the issues by the end of the semester
    • Focus on creating a Faculty Leave Plan recommendation
    • Begin laying the ground work for improving campus culture – assess perceptions, brainstorm, etc.
    • Work to be a transparent committee
    • Follow up with administrators once recommendations from the Committee are made

November 5, 2014

  • Decided to submit a proposal to the Ripple Effect Grant Proposal Project
    • Proposal to focus on improving campus climate and the mentality/governance of the university
    • Subcommittee created to begin brainstorming ideas
  • Analysis of initial findings of the survey data
    • 601 individuals participated in the survey
    • Data to be broken down and further analyzed
    • Summary of findings to be added to website upon completion
  • Review of changes to university parental leave policy
    • Letter to be sent to those asking for feedback stating that the policy is a step in the right direction but needs to address faculty issues
    • Standing Committee to begin creating recommendations for a faculty parental leave plan
    • Standing Committee members to solicit ideas and concers from their areas of represenation

November 19, 2014

  • Discussion of Pay Equity Study with Rick Miranda and Laura Jensen
    • Standing Committee to work with Institutional Research to collect data for a Salary Equity Page that will be added to the Standing Committee website
    • Standing Committee to continue providing assistance where accepted to further finding solutions to pay equity issues
    • Standing Committee to write a letter of support to Rick Miranda asking him to consider compensating Mary Meyer for the work she has done on salary equity in addition to her faculty position
  • Review of position description for a faculty Ombudsman position at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    • Standing Committee will discuss in future meetings whether a similar position at CSU would be beneficial to faculty
  • Continuation of discussion of whether or not to submit a Ripple Effect Grant Proposal Project

December 3, 2014

  • Due to the recent assaults on women that have affected the campus community, the Standing Committee is partnering with the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity to create a list of recommendations on how to improve the handling of future incidents
    • Standing Committee and Commission to meet with President Frank and discuss recommendations on January 21
  • Creation of Salary Equity subcommittee
    • Subcommittee to work on creating solutions for known salary equity issues
    • Experts on social economics analyzing data available from Institutional Research
    • Data analysis believed to be crucial to providing overall picture to the statistical analysis of the data already collected
  • Creation of Parental Leave Policy subcommittee
    • Subcommittee to create parental leave policy specific to faculty to be submitted to President Frank as a recommendation
  • Discussion of position description for Faculty Ombudsman
    • Standing Committee interested in pursuing similar position with description tailored to CSU’s needs
    • Creation of subcommittee to take a more detailed look into the position and create a draft description

December 17, 2014

  • Jennifer Schneider presented Campus Climate Survey data
    • Standing Committee Suggestions for upcoming Campus Climate Survey:
      • How to make minority voices heard through survey results/focus groups
      • Create questions that relate to faculty – create a branch out survey for faculty if needed
      • Rework the language of questions
      • Have an option to select non-tenure track
      • Involve social scientists in the survey development and analysis
  • Final version of the Ripple Effect Grant Proposal Project reviewed by Committee
    • Ultimate goal is to implement change in CSU’s culture
    • Focus on creating snapshot of underlining issues and where climate work can begin immediately
    • Proposal to be submitted on behalf of the Committee
  • Review of Parental Leave Plan for Faculty
    • Policy and supporting documents to be submitted to President Frank for consideration after making some minor changes

January 7, 2015

  • Agenda created for upcoming meeting with President Frank.  Updates to include:
    • Survey data – compilation of the results and summary analysis
    • Parental Leave Policy – policy recommendation will be presented
    • Pay Equity
    • Special Assistant to the Provost for Faculty (Faculty Ombudsman) Position Description – position description/creation recommendation to be presented
    • Climate
    • Women Leadership

January 21, 2015

  • Meeting with President Frank to update him on Fall 2014 work
    • Recommendations shared for creation of a Faculty Ombuds Position
      • Standing Committee to work with Rick Miranda, Provost and Executive Vice President, to further work on exploring the feasibility of creating the position.
    • Faculty Parental Leave Plan proposed
      • Standing Committee members to work with Dan Bush, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, to further work on finalizing/implementing a faculty parental leave plan

February 4, 2015

  • Review of feedback from January 21 meeting with President Frank
  • Next steps for Faculty Parental Leave Plan recommendation and Faculty Ombuds Position recommendation partially laid out
    • Subcommittees to work on these items and report back at each meeting
  • Work to continue on pay equity and fairness
    • Research to begin in area of campus climate
  • Awards subcommittee to be created with purpose of finding ways to help women faculty get nominated for both internal and external awards

February 18, 2015

  • Faculty Parental Leave subcommittee met with Dan Bush
    • More information to be gathered regarding cost of implementation
  • Rick Miranda will be invited to next meeting to discuss the Faculty Ombuds Position
  • Beginning of system set up for doing additional research into issues surrounding campus climate at CSU
    • Set of questions to be created for use in focus groups to dig deeper into the problems women faculty face at CSU due to campus climate
    • Focus groups to begin Spring 2015 and run through Fall 2015 (summer included)
    • Focus group logistics to be discussed in subcommittee and presented to whole Standing Committee for approval

March 2, 2015

  • Met with Rick Miranda for feedback on recommendations in the areas of Pay Equity, the Faculty Ombuds Position and the Faculty Parental Leave Plan
    • Recommendations and their feasibility being explored
    • Dr. Miranda requested submissions for suggested individuals to serve on a task force to analyze the Faculty Ombuds Position
  • Discussion of forming an Awards subcommittee to focus on finding ways to help CSU women be nominated for more internal and external awards
  • Ideas pulled together for an ADVANCE Grant application
  • Discussion of logistics of climate and culture focus groups that will begin in the summer

April 1, 2015

  • Progress continues on Faculty Parental Leave Plan
  • Standing Committee creating a document of recommendations for Pay Equity and Fairness
  • Met with Alan Rudolph to discuss the ADVANCE Grant and the timeline for issuing call for nominations
  • Awards subcommittee outlining what Standing Committee can do to increase the number of CSU women nominated for internal and external awards
    • Subcommittee to collect information for a database of available awards
  • Focus group progress: eight questions finalized, work to continue on logistics of running and organizing the groups

April 15, 2015

  • Reports given on progress of the Faculty Parental Leave Plan and the Faculty Ombuds Position
  • Awards subcommittee compiling list of all CSU awards with intent to eventually implement an online mechanism to help potential women nominees
  • Focus groups on climate and culture to begin with Deans and Chairs during the summer, with faculty focus groups in the fall

May 6, 2015

  • Standing Committee continuing to work with Dan Bush on the Faculty Parental Leave Plan with hopes to produce something in writing by the end of the semester
  • Progress on the Faculty Ombud position: Standing Committee members will be included in job description writing process and have representation on the search committee
  • Work continuing on the ADVANCE Grant, Awards, Salary Equity and Fairness recommendations and focus groups on climate and culture
  • Committee to begin a press release to publicize past work and release information about upcoming focus groups

May 20, 2015

  • Met with Janet Bishop of University Archives to discuss archiving materials produced by the group
    • Minutes, notes, working documents and recommendations to be submitted
  • Ideas for the ADVANCE Grant will focus on CSU’s land grant mission and the culture and climate at the University
  • Salary Equity and Fairness recommendations reviewed; will be emailed to the group for final comments and revisions

June 8, 2015

  • Update meeting with President Frank
    • President briefed on efforts in the ADVANCE Grant, compilation of faculty awards, campus climate focus groups, salary equity, and overall progress of the group
    • Discussion of recent miscommunication on the salary equity information
      • Discussion led to idea of creating a women faculty listserv that will allow information to be disseminated in a timelier manner
        • To sign up for the listserv, visit the ACNS Listserv website and select WOMEN-FACULTY from the pull down menu
    • Standing Committee will continue to work in small groups over the summer
      • Campus climate focus groups to begin in the upcoming weeks and continue into the fall
      • Work in all other areas to continue with updates being posted as progress is made