As part of the Commission on Women and Gender Equity, the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty (SCSWF) was established in 2014 by President Tony Frank to assist the University in designing strategies and promoting activities that enhance gender equity and faculty women’s issues.

Charge and Mission

This committee will focus explicitly on issues impacting the work life, campus climate and persistent barriers inhibiting the success of women faculty at Colorado State.  This committee will pay special attention to the national climate for academic women, and will offer recommendations for ways CSU might help counter pervasive national challenges related to women in academia, including all disciplines where women are historically and currently underrepresented and the under representation of women of women in senior academic and leadership positions.


The SCSWF shares the University’s goal of making Colorado State University the best environment for women to teach, learn, and work.


  • Identify areas of concern regarding gender equity, campus climate and other issues
  • Engage in research, collect data, and obtain an understanding of the issues facing women faculty
  • Advocate on behalf of women faculty on the campus
  • Make specific recommendations to the administration
  • Review policies and procedures related to women faculty
  • Collaborate with other entities interested in women and gender issues


The SCSWF consists of 18 members, including a chair, one representative from each academic college and the Libraries, one non-tenure track faculty, and seven at-large seats.  At least two committee members will be men, two will be representatives of the senior faculty and two junior faculty.  Members are invited to serve by the University President and the Chair of the Commission on Women and Gender Equity (CWGE).

Current Topics

  • Pay Equity and Fairness
  • Service
  • Bullying
  • Faculty Awards
  • Campus Climate (representatives on the university’s survey committee)
  • Campus Culture/Climate Research Group
  • Mentoring Circles
  • Parental Leave