October 18, 2017

Points of Interest
  • The Commission met for an extended meeting to debrief their formal 20 Year Anniversary Celebration and to create their working agenda for the 2017-2018 year.
In Progress
  • The Commission will focus on making recommendations in the following areas:
    • Alternatives for dispute
    • Women of color
    • Assault
    • Member training-intersectionality
    • Career track/advancements for Administrative Professionals
    • Title IX
    • Parental experience
    • Work environment
    • Professional development for lowest paid employees
    • Graduate health care
    • Supporting efforts in affordable housing

August 22, 2017

Points of Interest
  • The Commission met with President Tony Frank to discuss their recommendations.  He responded favorably to each recommendation.
In Progress
  • The Commission will follow up throughout the upcoming year to track the progress of each recommendation

July 19, 2017

Points of Interest
  • The Commission took a vote of approval to accept the report and recommendations for the 2016-2017 year and to submit both to President Frank for consideration.
  • The report and recommendations will be added to the website after the Commission has met with President Frank to discuss both documents.
In Progress
  • Planning for the 20th Anniversary Celebration continues
  • Planning for the upcoming academic year

June 21, 2017

Points of Interest
  • The Commission met with Dwight Burke and Melissa Emerson to discuss campus safety for students, the processes and services in place and if there is room for any support through recommendations from the Commission
  • Drafted recommendations from subcommittees were voted on and will be included in the report to President Frank
In Progress
  • Planning for the 20th Anniversary Celebration continues
  • Planning for the upcoming academic year

April 19, 2017

Points of Interest
  • Subcommittees reviewed draft recommendations in the areas of campus climate and culture and employee assistance
In Progress
  • Subcommittees will continue to finalize draft recommendations and incorporate feedback from the full CWGE
  • Planning for the 20th Anniversary Celebration continues

February 15, 2017

Points of Interest
  • Subcommittee work continues as ideas for recommendations are solidified
In Progress
  • Subcommittees are finalizing their rough drafts for recommendations which will be reviewed by the full Commission during the April meeting
  • Planning for the 20th Anniversary Celebration continues

January 18, 2017

Points of Interest
  • A new Chair to the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty was named.  Ellen Fisher will replace retiree Irene Vernon.
  • A survey and assessment committee has been created to gain oversight and better idea of the survey situation across campus.  This committee was formed as the result of a Commission recommendation for the University to do a better job surveying women across campus in regards to the campus culture and climate for women.
In Progress
  • Subcommittees continue to identify specific areas for recommendation creation
  • Planning for the 20th Anniversary Celebration continues
  • The CWGE is working with University Advancement to create a development plan

November 16, 2016

Points of Interest
  • Subcommittees actively working to discover ideas for recommendations.
In Progress
  • Subcommittees continue to identify specific areas for recommendation creation
  • Planning for the 20th Anniversary Celebration continues

October 19, 2016

Points of Interest
  • CWGE met with President Tony Frank to discuss the submitted recommendations
  • The recommendations were well received
  • Several will be acted upon
  • Others will be further looked in to in order to determine the best method to proceed
In Progress
  • Subcommittees continue to identify specific areas for recommendation creation
  • Planning for the 20th Anniversary Celebration has begun

September 21, 2016

Points of Interest
  • Two AMI attendees have been selected
  • Information on the FLSA was shared in regards to the potential issues it may cause women
  • CWGE will hold a 20th Anniversary Celebration in 2017
  • Report with recommendations was submitted to President Frank
  • The Commission will fund two participants expenses to the HERS Summer Institute in Denver.  The Office of the Vice President for Diversity will spearhead the selection of those individuals
  • The Campus Climate and Culture subcommittee identified work/life balance and inflexible schedules/workloads as their area of focus for recommendations
In Progress
  • Subcommittees continue to identify specific areas for recommendation creation
  • Planning for the 20th Anniversary Celebration will begin prior to the October meeting

August 17, 2016

Points of Interest
  • The Commission briefly discussed the topic of emailing after hours.  Articles will be shared and this topic will remain on the Commission’s radar as an interest.
  • Subcommittees received charge letters to direct their work as they begin to look at potential areas for recommendations.
  • Budgetary and funding opportunities were discussed.
  • The Commission will fund two participants at the AMI conference.  The Office of the Vice President for Diversity will spearhead the selection of those individuals from CSU staff.
In Progress
  • Subcommittees will hold their first meetings prior to the next Commission meeting on September 21, 2016 and be prepared to report to the full Commission.
  • The Website subcommittee was assigned to develop additional content on the website explaining more deeply the Commission’s focus and work.

July 20, 2016

Points of Interest
  • Two new members were introduced, making the Commission fully filled for the first time in several years.
  • The Commission will work with Communication and Creative Services to create a wordmark/logo that will allow them to have a better visual presence.
  • The updated and expanded expenditure request form was reviewed, and the necessary changes will be made prior to the August meeting.
  • The following subcommittees were decided upon:
    • Branding Project (short term)
    • Campus Climate and Culture
    • Employee Assistance
    • Undergraduate Students
    • Website Development (short term)
  • Future subcommittees may include:
    • Professional Development/Awards
    • Partnerships/Outreach
In Progress
  • Subcommittees will receive a charge from the Commission Chair and will begin their work developing recommendations for the Commission to present to the President.
  • A process will be created for collecting and reviewing expenditure requests.

June 15, 2016

Points of Interest
  • A draft of the recommendations the Commission will submit to the President was reviewed and members provided feedback.
  • Members selected and approved a graduate student to recommend for appointment to the Commission.
  • A list of possible subcommittees was created from the list of topics.
In Progress
  • The 2015-2016 report and recommendations to the President will continue to be fine-tuned and finalized.

May 18, 2016

Points of Interest
  • The history of the Women of Color and Allies Network was reviewed in order to better understand it’s origin and connection to the Commission.
  • The Commission will make a recommendation that will help increase the support of the Women of Color and Allies Network and strengthen the work the group does on campus.
  • Members selected and approved a state classified employee to recommend for appointment to the Commission.
  • Past recommendations were selected to re-vamp and re-recommend to the President
  • A document to guide the creation of Commission recommendations was reviewed and approved (this document will be added to the website in order to illustrate how the Commission works).
In Progress
  • The list of topics was prioritized and will be finalized at the June meeting.
  • A student hourly will be hired to assist the Commission with research for recommendations.

April 27, 2016: Retreat

Points of Interest
  • The Commission held a half day working retreat to review its goals and working structure.
  • A comprehensive history of the Commission was reviewed in order to evaluate what strategies and structures have worked best in the past.
  • The Commission will move forward using the following structure:
    • Recreate a list of topics Commission members are interested in
    • Create three or four subcommittees based on the list to begin looking at areas for recommendations
    • Create recommendations based on research of the problem and what is currently being done on campus, what improvements could be made and why the recommendation is considered necessary
    • Subcommittees will draft recommendations and bring them to the whole Commission for review and finalization before submitting to the President
In Progress
  • Past recommendations will be reviewed to see if there are any that should be re-recommended.
  • The budget expenditure request form will be updated and expanded in order to be used as a means of helping other entities on campus fund smaller projects and events.
  • The Commission created a draft list of topics that will be finalized during the future meetings.
  • Subcommittees will be created from the finalized list of topics.

April 20, 2016

Points of Interest
  • The Commission has openings for one state classified rep and one graduate student rep – a call for nominations/applications will be put out with the goal of filling these vacancies.
  • Reviewed and finalized the agenda and discussion points for the working Commission retreat.
In Progress
  • Meetings with Prospect Research have taken place to develop a plan to connect with potential donors who are interested in donating to women initiatives at CSU.  This is a joint effort between the Commission, SCSWF and the Women and Gender Collaborative.

March 16, 2016

The Commission canceled their monthly meeting due to the Spring Break vacation.

February 17, 2016

Points of Interest
  • CWGE scheduling regular communication sessions and mechanisms with various groups such as APC, CPC, and Faculty Council.
  • CWGE meeting with Administration to revisit the bullying policy to recommend procedures for training, communication, and enforcement be put into place – give the policy some teeth.  This continues from in-progress efforts documented in January meeting.
  • Commission members submitted a nomination for the Multicultural Staff and Faculty Network Distinguished Service Award.
  • CWGE actively pursing Development Offices of Departments on campus to solicit and encourage donations/research funding to support CWGE activities.
In Progress
  • Meeting with SafeWalk to ensure officers are aware and trained on what microagressions are, how to avoid them, and how to make escorted students comfortable (i.e., feel safe) with the SafeWalk officer.
  • Partner with ASCSU to foster an inclusive and positive culture for all students.
  • Plan half-day retreat to tackle issues too big for regular meetings.

January 20, 2016

Points of Interest
  • Nominations are now needed for awards like University Distinguished Teaching Scholars, University Distinguished Research Scholars, Alumni Association Best Teacher Award, and Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research
  • Keep an eye on CWGE’s website; we are making some changes
  • If you are interested in joining CWGE, please contact Susan James, Ph.D. for information about current openings
Accomplishments for 2016
  • Members rallied for and obtained two nominations for the 1/25/2016 (extended to 2/1/2016) deadline for HERS institute
    • CWBE is sponsoring two nominated candidates for this year’s Higher Education Resource services (HERS) Institute at the University of Denver.  HERS provides leadership and management development for women in higher education administration.
  • Identified sub-committee to work on the CWGE website, making it easier to navigate, read, and track information – look for changes soon!
In Progress
  • CWGE will sponsor 2 nominations for the Academic Management Institute (AMI)
  • Increase nominations for CSU’s internal faculty awards; a number of them are due now and can be found on the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty Award’s page
  • Current awards now open to nominations include: University Distinguished Teaching Scholar, University Distinguished Research Scholar, Alumni Association Best Teacher Award, and Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research
  • Will you nominate a colleague?  Resources fro creating successful award nominations can be found on the Faculty Awards link
  • Although a bullying policy is now in place at CSU, there remain questions about what it means “to work on bullying issues” on campus.  The Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty within CWGE is currently recommending that a mechanism for enforcement be added to support already established policies.  The Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty is also working on how to support individuals in their immediate work-environment who are bullied yet cannot use or are not aware of the teeth of the policy.  Just having a policy does not remove bullying.
Current Objectives for 2016
  1. Increase awareness and understanding of how “Gender” is defined across campus to develop better resources and support systems
  2. Advance support for State Classified Personnel in the forms of projects/programs related to: mentorship, skill building, and financial sponsorship of awards and training programs
  3. Promote and foster wide access to the overall CSU campus/community.  Possible opportunities include using social media, open fora, and presentations/workshops across campus.
  4. Increase campus feedback and input mechanisms to gain more “ears to the ground” and identify key issues confronting the CSU campus and community members – Will you help kick this off?  Submit your ideas for how to increase campus feedback to CWGE and ideas for what issues exist preventing women and gender equity across the CSU campus.

December 2015

  • Child Care Task Force
    • Discussion of group’s purpose, potential and impact
    • Discussion of a potential survey
    • Discussion of resources already available for similar purpose
  • Discussion of CPC and State surveys
  • Discussion of APC priorities and goals, and whether and how CWGE can be involved
  • Can the Commission use survey data from the graduate students?
    • If yes, how?
    • If no, what are the Commission’s next steps?
  • Discussion of creating an undergraduate survey
    • Survey should be specific to each college for best results
  • Creation of website subcommittee to discuss website content and changes
  • Discussion of progress on award and leadership opportunities
  • Approval of budget items
    • Funding for Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty to support spring 2016 implementation of campus climate and culture focus groups
    • Funding for sending CSU employees to summer 20160 HERS Institute in Denver

November 2015

  • Discussion of how to include men in membership
  • Budget for operational expenses such as Commission letterhead approved
  • Discussion of survey work by graduate students and how to assist them
  • Discussion of parental leave for graduate students
  • Facilities gathering data on lactation rooms and creating a working map

October 2015

  • Update from the Standing Committee on Communications
  • Updated from the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty
    • Hiring outside facilitator for Culture and Climate Focus Groups who should be in place by the end of October
  • Child Care Task Force update
    • Task Force met with Facilities to discuss current lactation rooms, future lactation rooms and future lactation room polities
  • Approval of budget request for PR efforts
  • SafeWalk discussion
    • SafeWalk will keep communicating that the program is for everyone
    • Individuals should feel free to discuss concerns for improvements with Facilities
  • Collaborative update
    • Working on website/branding/marketing to be rolled out in March
  • Update from Awards and Leadership Opportunities Subcommittee
    • HERS – Subcommittee to create process and get an attendee in place by November 1 deadline
    • Will help find other opportunities such as the Programs for Women of Color
  • Holding off on survey for now
  • Discussion of possible new subcommittees
    • Grant Proposal Selection Committee and Campus Climate
    • Subcommittees to be created prior to next meeting

September 16, 2015

  • What projects could help further the mission and goal of the Commission?
    • Project that makes a “big splash” could promote the Commission, its mission and the work members are engaged in
  • Creation of Leadership and Awards subcommittee
    • Purpose: Find opportunities for female employees and students to participate in leadership programs and events, as well as be nominated for awards
    • Will partner with Awards subcommittee of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty
  • Commission members to work with Child Care Task Force and find opportunities to support work in progress to improve child care options for members of the CSU community

August 26, 2015

  • Review of projects in progress
  • Budget review
    • SafeWalk key tags approved
    • System will be created to track expenditure requests
  • Discussion of new member selection
    • Application deadline extended to broaden application pool
  • Discussion of creating process to nominate individuals to HERS and AMI conferences
  • Concerns of Administrative Professional Council
    • Partnering with Family Care Connections
    • Limited number of lactation rooms on north side of campus
  • For next time:
    • What ideas and goals can be worked on this year?
    • Prepare to discuss a “big picture” budget plan

August 20, 2014

  • Introduction of new members and discussion of goals and budgeting
  • Prospective donor interested in donating to project that will improve the working conditions and environment for women at CSU
    • Commission will create an application and call for proposals to meet donor and Commission specifications
    • Anyone on campus with an idea will be welcome to submit a proposal
    • Details regarding application requirements, funding and the selection committee will be worked out in future Commission meetings

September 17, 2014

  • Continued discussion on the donor project
    • Will begin to draft an application and corresponding materials
  • Reframe efforts introduced to the Commission
    • Corresponds with CSU’s efforts to support the White House It’s On Us Campaign
    • Reframe will hopefully be rolled out to campus mid-October
  • Discussion of ways Commission can become more visible and need to find out what other Task Forces are already established on campus
    • Commission wants to make sure it is partnering with existing Task Forces to help work on relevant initiatives
  • Set goal areas to begin working on:
    • Revive the Women of Color and Allies group
    • Continue Safety subcommittee
    • Bullying Policy
    • Fringe
    • Grad Students of Color – run out of the Grad School and potential areas to partner
    • Low Pay
    • Poverty Issues
    • Child Care Task Force – existing committee the Commission may be able to help
    • Women Grad Students
    • Leave Time

October 15, 2014

  • Commission to partner with the Ripple Effect on donor-funded proposal call for project ideas that could be implemented at CSU to improve the life of women on campus
    • Commission to create application and call for proposals
    • Five Commission members will sit on the review/selection committee
  • Commission to draft letter with suggestions to consider during parental leave plan changes
  • Discussion of Women of Color and Allies group; Commission would like to help reactivate this group by offering assistance and funding
  • Update on the work of the Child Care Task Force
    • Task Force may need partnerships and support from the Commission

November 19, 2014

  • Discussion of budget
    • Portion of funds to assist the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty, Women of Color and Allies, and the Reframe campaign
  • Discussion on the recent assaults on women around campus
    • How could the university have handled the assaults differently and communicated information in a more timely fashion?
    • Commission to prepare comprehensive outline and partner with the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty to make recommendations to President Frank

December 17, 2014

  • Agenda finalized for meeting with President Frank to be held in January regarding women’s safety in the campus community
  • Received updates from the Ripple Effect Donor Project and the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty
  • Budget reviewed and approved
  • Discussed ideas for improving Parental Leave Plan
  • Discussed new parking plan and will write a letter with feedback
    • Letter would incorporate support and feedback from other representative groups on campus with similar concerns
    • Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty supports this endeavor

January 21, 2015

  • Meet with President Frank to discuss safety issues and their handling through campus communication outlets
    • Standing Committee on Communications to be created
      • The Standing Committee will work with the Public Safety Team and the Public Safety Communication Team to improve the University’s response to future incidents

February 25, 2015

  • The Commission will partner with Tom Milligan’s Public Relations class to create a marketing campaign for the SafeWalk program
    • The Commission will provide funding to the class to put this into action
  • Standing Committee on Communications to begin meeting next week
    • Kathy Sisneros to head the Standing Committee and be the Commission’s representative to the Public Safety Team
  • Bullying subcommittee researching best practices for bullying policy in hopes of commenting on the bullying policy currently being developed for CSU
  • Grad School subcommittee developing a survey
    • Survey will aim to find out which issues are important to grad students with emphasis on female grad students and grad students of color
    • The subcommittee will partner with the Women of Color and Allies group

March 25, 2015

  • Updates from subcommittees:
    • Safety subcommittee working with PR class to publicize SafeWalk
    • Grad Students of Color and Women Grad Students working together to develop survey for all grad students
    • Standing Committee on Communication had meeting with President Frank in which they conversed about CSU’s communication philosophy
  • Discussion of participating in selection of who to send to AMI and HERS conferences
    • Commission is interested in assisting in selection

April 15, 2015

  • Meeting with President Tony Frank
    • Update of this year’s work (Full Agenda)
    • President Frank challenged Commission to integrate with other campus groups that have similar goals
    • President Frank requested Commission also focus on how to support low paid employees
  • Goals for the upcoming year
    • Run a promotional campaign to better establish Commission viability
    • Connect with other campus entities to create partnerships

May 20, 2015

  • Review of membership process
    • Application/nomination process to be created to fill vacancies on Commission
    • Openings will be advertised so that all interested and qualified individuals may apply
    • Applicants may be nominated by themselves or others
    • Application packet to be developed over the summer and used to fill vacancies in the fall

June 1, 2015

  • Introductory meeting with new chair, Sue James
  • Goals and pending projects reviewed
  • Summer Commission plans
    • No meetings during the summer
    • Projects to be worked on individually with email updates
    • Members to think of potential 2015-2016 issue areas