September 1, 2016


TO: President Tony Frank

FROM: Sue James on behalf of the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity

SUBJECT: Priorities and Draft Agenda for the 2016-2017 Commission on Women and Gender Equity

Agenda for 2016-2017 Commission

The Commission has selected the following areas to focus on during the 2016-2017 year and will break into small subcommittees to examine where recommendations can be made.

Campus Climate and Culture Subcommittee
Possible Topics to Consider:

  • Supervisor training/best practices
  • Women in leadership
  • Women in color
  • Men – educating/engaging/better support for men who are engaged
  • Bullying
  • Work/life balance
  • Implicit bias
  • Inflexible schedules/work loads
  • Principles of Community – how to support these values in our CSU society/community

Employee Assistance Subcommitee
Possible Topics to Consider:

  • Staff Salary Equity – with a gendered lens
    • Encourage the administration to advocate for state classified employees with the legislature/provide information on how staff can advocate with their representatives (on behalf of themselves not on behalf of CSU)
  • Helping low income staff (including graduate students)
    • Living wage
    • Affordable housing (recommendations for a support of Task Force?)
    • Care giving roles beyond child care (recommendations for and support of Child Care Task Force?)
    • Parking

Undergraduate Students Subcommittee
Possible Topics to Consider TBD

Branding Project
Tasked with developing a logo/wordmark that can be used by the Commission.

Website Development
Tasked with continuing to develop and expand website content.

Charge to the Campus Climate and Culture Subcommittee
Charge to the Employee Assistance Subcommittee
Charge to the Undergraduate Students Subcommittee
Charge to the Branding Project Subcommittee
Charge to the Website Development Subcommitee