TO: Faculty and Staff, ASCSU President and Vice President, Graduate Student Council President and Vice President

FROM: Albert C. Yates

SUBJECT: Report of the Task Force on the Status of Women: Establishment of the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity

DATE: November 14, 1996

In Fall 1994, I established a Task Force on the Status of Women within the following charge: “To define the issues and determine the priorities for women at Colorado State University, and make recommendations to address these priorities.”  The Task Force has worked diligently since its inception to fulfill its charge, and has produced a significant report containing many thoughtful recommendations for enhancing our campus climate for women, and ultimately for all who come to study and work here.  A copy of the Executive Summary of the report is attached for your review and consideration.  Copies of the full report are available from the President’s Office and on loan at the Morgan Library reserve desk, and from Task Force Members.

The Task Force has done exemplary work that will serve the University very well by laying groundwork for enhancing both climate and working relationships in the future.  It should be noted that the work of the Task Force was not an attempt to develop an understanding of the overall campus climate for women, but rather was designed specifically to identify and prioritize areas about which we all need to be concerned, and to make recommendations accordingly.

Based on the Task Force’s recommendations, and subsequent review and support by the University’s governance groups, I am pleased to announce that Colorado State University will establish a President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity.  The work of the Task Force will form the basis of the work of the Commission.  The explicit charge, structure and membership qualifications, and application/nomination process are attached.

I hope you will read the Task Force report carefully, and will consider the findings and recommendations as they relate to your particular unit.  Further, please consider applying for the Commission if you are interested, or nominating others who are committed to diversity and gender equity at Colorado State.  Please note the deadline for applying is December 6.


Commission on Women and Gender Equity

Charges for the Commission
  • Assist the University in designing strategies to implement the recommendations of the Task Force and in evaluating progress toward gender equity.
  • Provide information about resources such as seminars, training sessions, and discussions that will help develop viable plans for gender equity in departments and units.
  • Make information available about resources related to advocacy, conflict resolution, grievance procedures, and legal recourse.
  • Produce progress reports on the status of women.
  • Coordinate with the Commission on Ethnic Diversity Issues, the Fort Collins Commission on the Status of Women, the Diversity Advisory Committee, the Institute for Women and Leadership, and other groups focused on gender and diversity.
  • Communicate with Administrative Professional Council, Classified Personnel Council, Faculty Council, ASCSU, and Graduate Student Council.
  • Interface with the university strategic planning effort.
  • Promote activities that enhance gender equity and address women’s issues.
Commission Structure and Membership Qualifications

The Commission on Women and Gender Equity will consist of 12 members appointed by the President.  Two women from each of the constituency groups: administrative professional, faculty, state classified, undergraduate and graduate students, and two men will serve on the Commission.  Officers will be elected from within the group.  Service will be for three year terms, staggered to provide continuity.

First and foremost, the women and men of this Commission must be informed about the historical and contemporary lives of women.  They need to have a multicultural perspective and familiarity with information and scholarship associated with the limitations and barriers to women as full participants in post-secondary education.

Application Process

Persons interested in serving on the Commission on Women and Gender Equity should submit written application materials to Myra Powers, President’s Office, by December 6, 1996.  Persons can be nominated or self nominate, but the application material must be completed by the nominee.  Please submit name, sex, ethnic identification, position at Colorado State University, department or major, address, telephone number, e-mail address (if available), and a maximum two-page summary that includes the following information: interest, previous work in the area of gender equity and women’s issues, activities or scholarship that indicate personal and professional commitment, and understanding of the issues for women in higher education.

Copy of Letter