DATE: December 23, 1996

TO: Ruth Carrothers, Office of Women’s Programs and Studies

Linda Heinrich, University Health Services

John Higney, University Police

Vicki Kaman, Department of Management

Jean Marie Leonard, Counseling Psychology

Amelia Rivera, Graduate School

Zug G. Standing Bear, Sociology

Shari Thorson, Design, Merchandising and Consumer Sciences

Lynn Wilianen, The Career Center

Toni Zimmerman, Human Development and Family Studies

FROM: Albert C. Yates, President

SUBJECT: Commission on Women and Gender Equity

It is my pleasure to appoint you to the Commission on Women and Gender Equity.  Thank you for your interest and willingness to serve the University community on this important issue.  Attached is the charge for the Commission.  A public announcement naming the Commission members will be made in early spring semester, but I wanted to let you know beforehand, for your own information and planning.  Enclosed is a complete list of Commission members.  The deadline for undergraduate student applicants has been extended.  If you know of students who would be interested in serving on the Commission, please have them contact Myra Powers at 491-6211 for application information.

The Commission’s work will begin in January.  If possible, please plan to attend the Professional Development Institute session “The Task Force on the Status of Women: Report to the Campus” on Friday, January 10, from 9-12 in 220-222 Lory Student Center.  Enclosed is a copy of that report, along with a description and registration form for that session.  Please fill in the form and return it to Debby Claussen, at the given address.

Laura Macagno-Shang, chair of the original Task Force on the Status of Women will convene the first meeting and assist with continuity in transmitting the work of the Task Force to the Commission.  Please feel free to contact Laura at 491-1702 or Myra Powers at 491-6211, with any questions.  Also, please complete the enclosed yellow form indicating your schedule and availability for meetings Spring semester and return it to Myra Powers, President’s Office, by January 10 if possible.

Thank you for your interest in serving on this important committee, and for your dedication to moving our campus community toward a greater inclusiveness and respect for all members.  I look forward to working with you.