September 1, 2016


To: President Tony Frank

From: Sue James on Behalf of the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity

Subject: Budget Report of the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity

The Commission was given a budget of $50,000 for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.  With great enthusiasm, the Commission was able to spend all but $3,284.60 of the funding on the following programs, events, and initiatives – all of which the Commission members agreed aligned with the goal of making CSU the best place for women to work and learn.  A request will be made to roll the remaining funds over to this fiscal year in order to assist with paying the remaining amount designated to the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty’s Focus Group project.

Refreshments at the Nancy Folbre Lecture and Reception – partially funded the Commission’s graduate student representative’s Ripple Effect proposal that did not receive funding from the donor grant funds.

SafeWalk Program – funded key tags for new students and employees, digital signage across campus and in the student recreation, and Collegian advertising, post cards and banner signs in construction areas.

Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty – funded graduate student hourly to help with research and focus groups, partially funded bringing Dr. Nadya Fouda to facilitate the focus groups (1/3 of the funding for the focus groups came from the Commission), partially funded the stenographer/court reporter, and fully funded the SCSWF reception held to network with the constituents they represent and to report on their work.

Women of Color and Allies Network – partially funded the Network’s summer event (unable to provide full funding due to the timing of the request and the state of the CWGE funds when the request was made).

Housing Solutions Task Force – fully funded the Housing Solutions Task Force recommendation to add a faculty/staff section to the Off-Campus Life website.  (Funding was used to “piggy back” on changes already being made to the website with the Commission’s funding being specifically used to cover the cost of adding the faculty/staff section to the existing website structure.)

Commission on Women and Gender Equity – funded a half day retreat at the Remington House for members to meet and form a cohesive team, and set goals and create an agenda and priority items for the 2016-2017 year.

Student Engagement – funded a student assistant to do preliminary research on issues of interest to the Commission, help find information for the resource section of the Commission website, and research best practices and what other universities are doing to address issues of women and gender equity.

HERS (Higher Education Resource Services) Participation – fully funded two participants to the HERS Summer Institute.