May 2012


Dear Tony,

Thanks again for your visit last month.  We always appreciate visiting with you and sharing the issues on which we have spent time working during the last academic year.

Please find here attached the recommendations that we already shared with you and that you seemed to approve or ready to give them a favorable consideration.  We would like to receive feedback on each of these recommendations in a timely fashion, as some of these issues have been discussed repeatedly with different members of your cabinet and/or other units on campus and should therefore be acted upon.  We thank you or your staff for providing such response to us.

During your visit we discussed the issue of salary equity and we emphasized the need to let faculty and staff know that you are quite aware of this issue and that the institution is ready to do something about it.  You mentioned the possibility of setting aside a lump of money for this particular purpose and letting affected faculty and staff know about this.  We urge you to develop such proposal and to divulge the details as soon as you have a plan for it.  It would do wonders to raise moral and loyalty to the institution!  We are also planning to study this issue as part of our work for the next academic year.

After consulting with the Commission members, we have decided to ask you that a miniscule budget ($2,000) be assigned to CWGE in order to implement some events during the next academic year.  I know that we would like to continue supporting or facilitating events with the Women of Color group and that we may have an event to show the female graduate students at CSU our support.

Some of us will be leaving the Commission,  although we will still be supporting its efforts from the sidelines.  New members will take our place and continue its work.  I want to thank you for providing, during these last three years, the support that we need to make us feel that the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity is making a difference, as small (helas!) as it may be, on the issues related to our mission.