Commission members have agreed that the most effective way to network with so large and diverse a campus community as Colorado State is through a series of focused topical agendas.  The Commission updates its listing of topics to provide continuity as Commission membership changes.  From this extended and ongoing list of issues of interest to the Commission, each year’s group chooses a manageable number of items for its investigative agenda.  For each issue, the Commission frames a series of questions, seeks the information and expertise to respond to them, and prepares a report containing recommendations for the Diversity Coordinating Council and the President.  Each year the Commission will revisit its rolling agenda to see that it represents the breadth of our campus community.

Within the framework of its new and more focused charge, the 2002-2003 Commission targeted four initiatives.

  1. Launching “Women at Colorado State,” a website to gather and maintain an informal resource for the campus community and other interested individuals and groups.  The site went live in January.  The Commission will review its content at least annually.  Technical support for the site comes from the web staff in the President’s Office.
  2. Endorsing domestic partner benefits for faculty members and administrative professionals.  A memorandum to this effect was forwarded to President Al Yates and to Dana Hiatt for the Diversity Coordinating Council (DCC) on December 18, 2002.
  3. Developing a set of recommendations for centralizing information on graduate student employment opportunities at Colorado State.  These recommendations were forwarded to President Yates on the DCC in April 2003.  The DCC supported the recommendations on April 17, 2003, and sent them to the Provost and the Graduate Dean for action.
  4. Drafting recommendations for greater equity in campus professional development opportunities.  These recommendations were forwarded to President Yates and the DCC in May 2003.