This has been a year for re-charging, taking stock, and setting out in some new directions.  Following the recommendation of the Task Force on Diversity Committee Structure, the fall term was given to redrafting the charge for the Commission on Women and Gender Equity, reconstituting its membership, and situating the Commission within the leadership of the Diversity Coordinating Council.

The topical work of the Commission began anew with spring term.  Continuing members summarized past efforts in four areas: outreach and networking; recruitment and retention; accountability; and campus climate and environment.  Former members of the Commission were commended for their efforts in relation to the University policy on sexual harassment, partner employment accommodation work, and many gender-related professional development efforts.

Within the framework of a new and more focused charge, the 2001-2002 Commission agreed to target its efforts more narrowly and to establish working deadlines for each of its priorities.  Two priorities were selected for spring term:

  1. The creation of “Women at Colorado State,” a website to gather and maintain an information resource for the campus community and other interested individuals and groups.  This has been our most time-consuming effort for the spring.  As of the publication of this report, we have a site design and perhaps 3/4 of the site content in place.  “Women at Colorado State” will be operational by September 2002.  The Commission will review its content at least annually.  Technical support for the site will come from the web staff in the President’s Office.
  2. The development of a networking process.  After considerable discussion about our available options, the Commission agreed that the most effective way to network with so large and diverse a campus community as Colorado State is through a series of focused topical agendas.  The Commission has prepared a list of such issues to direct its work in the foreseeable future.  From this extended and ongoing list of issues of interest to the Commission, each year’s group will choose 1-3 items for its investigative agenda.  For each issue, the Commission will frame a series of questions, seek the information and expertise to respond to them, and prepare a report containing recommendations for the Diversity Coordinating Council and the President.  Each year the Commission will revisit its issues list to see that it represents the breadth of our campus community.  A preliminary list of issues from which the 2002-2003 Commission will choose is attached to this report.