Update Meeting with President Tony Frank

Standing Committee:
  • CWGE applauds and fully supports the work the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty (Irene Vernon) and the Standing Committee on Safety Communications (Kathy Sisneros)
  • Standing Committee on Safety Communication – Kathy Sisneros
    • Update talking points
Financial Support:
  • Women of Color and Allies retreat
  • Ripple Effect Grant Project participation solicitation postcard
  • Printing for Women’s Conference
  • Marketing for Reframe campaign
  • SafeWalk Student Project (Tom Milligan’s class)
  • Student hourly employees for the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty
  • Supplemental pay for the Non-Tenure Track Faculty Rep on the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty
Future Financial Support Possibilities:
  • Stenographer for the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty’s climate focus group
  • Branding/promotion for CWGE
  • Assist with funding for unfunded Ripple Effect Proposal submitted by Mimi Houston (bring in a guest speaker)
Commission Accomplishments FY14-15:
  • Ripple Effect Grant Project
    • Create application packet
    • Gathered applications and dispersed to the selection committee members
    • Hosted information session luncheons that addressed how to apply for the Ripple Effect Grant
    • Coordinated a reception for all grant application participants to thank them for taking the time to share their ideas
  • Safety – Becca McCarty
    • Partnered with Tom Milligan’s class to financially support their project to promote the SafeWalk program
  • Bullying – Tracy Hutton, Chris Henle
    • Researched and reviewed information regarding anti-bullying programs developed at other institutions
  • Graduate Students – Mimi Houston
    • Formed a committee of 16 graduate students from across the university
    • Now working on writing the questionnaire which will focus on 5 areas important for grad students
      • Teaching
      • Student-life
      • Research
      • Professional Development
      • Work-life Balance
    • Planning to distribute survey in October 2015 to all graduate students (including Vet Professional students)
    • Goal is to assess the climate for diversity and inclusion in the graduate programs across campus.  Ultimately hope to identify areas for future projects and improvements to improve the success of all graduate students.
  • Leave
    • Reviewed and commented on proposed changes to the Parental Leave Policy, which were adopted January 2015
Future Commission Goals:
  • Create a promotional campaign/brand for CWGE to better help the campus community be aware and a part of the Commission’s work
  • Begin building partnerships with other entities across campus with the goal of working together on initiatives of concern