A summary of what we have and what we seek to enhance (assets and goals)

Access: to make the most of an annual meeting with a report to President Yates, and of staff support and modest resources from the Office of the President.

Community: to promote a healthy campus environment for women.

Information: to provide a conduit for campus issues relating to women and gender and to link the campus community with the Diversity Coordinating Council and President Yates.

Visibility: to build an ongoing communication mechanism for women at CSU.

A suggested agenda for 2002

Keeping in mind that our charge is to complement substantial existing programming for and about women, a focused agenda is suggested.

  1. Creating a CSU women’s website and finding support to maintain it
  2. Providing an opportunity for faculty, staff, and student women to come together periodically (Over lunch?  Around a sharing of resources?  Around a particular topic?  With an open agenda?)
  3. Using the annual report to the President to highlight issues of concern to campus women
  4. Encouraging campus programming that supports the goals of the Commission and the Diversity Plan of the institution