July 19, 2017

TO:  President Tony Frank

FROM:  Sue James on behalf of the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity

SUBJECT: Recommendation for the creation of “On-boarding Rams” at CSU


Building on the Principles of Community, specifically the principle of inclusion, a need has been identified to extend the efforts of the new employee orientation program to include more than a brief introduction to the University and a one-time connection to other new hires.  Lacking in the current orientation program is additional interactions that are more social in nature that would foster relationship building and inclusivity.


The Commission recommends the creation of “On-boarding Rams” at CSU.  The “On-boarding Rams” program would consist of a monthly luncheon series launched every month, to which all women hired at CSU that month would be invited.  The series of luncheons would take place at the Universities Dining Centers, where the women can engage, connect, and build Ram Pride.  We anticipate the funding of the program will cost $5,000, which the Commission would be open to funding.

Promotes the Mission and Goal of the Commission

Such a program would give women who are new to the University the opportunity to build a network within the University community, and a place to share their common experiences as new hires.  If the Commission helps sponsor the program monetarily, new hires will have the chance to connect to the Commission, as well.  Principles of familiarity and belongingness suggest that these additional interactions, where people get to converse on a more social level, builds commitment and a stronger sense of community, inclusivity, and support.