July 19, 2017

TO:  President Tony Frank

FROM:  Sue James on behalf of the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity

SUBJECT:  Recommendation for Supervisor Training to Address Concerns Related to Work/Life Balance


The results of the 2016 Campus Climate Survey revealed that quite a few employees at CSU are very concerned about work/life balance.  The report of the qualitative data showed that 292 respondents feel as though they have no work/life balance.  The challenges of balancing one’s job/career and personal home life will not disappear, and in fact, some reports suggest these challenges have increased with the introduction of mobile technology and global communication.


The Commission recommends that supervisor training include a foundational knowledge component that focuses on the concerns of CSU employees as it relates to work/life balance.  This may include various topics around how to convey greater support for work/life balance, removing judgement about the need for work/life balance, juggling priorities and job demands relative to home/family demands, and other strategies shown in the occupational health and occupational psychology literature as effective.

Promotes the Mission and Goals of the Commission

This recommendation expands on the efforts of the current training to address a need expressed throughout the campus community.  Striving to improve work/life balance aligns with the Commission’s goal of making CSU the best place for all employees to work and learn.