July 19, 2017

TO:  President Tony Frank

FROM: Sue James on behalf of the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity

SUBJECT:  Recommendation for Continuing Support of Training and Organizational Development implementation of the Learning Management System


While Training and Organizational Development offers supervisor training, not all supervisors take advantage of this opportunity.  Additionally, there is no system to track who may or may not complete the available training, which would make follow-up for taking the training easier.  There are also some topics that could be beneficial to supervisors and their employees, but those are not in the current supervisor training curriculum.


The Commission recommends the University continue to support the efforts by Training and Organizational Development implementing the Learning Management System, which will allow for tracking the completion of supervisory training.

The Commission further recommends the:

  • Creation of an accountability process to assess the application of learning
  • Inclusion of the topic of how to implement and accommodate flexible work arrangement (exempt vs exempt status) schedules
  • Inclusion of the topic of best practices of how to navigate, manage, and approve time
  • Discussion of the topic related to timely hiring practices to manage work overload, time demands of staff, and work/life balance
Promotes the Mission and Goal of the Commission

The recommendation is in response to an identified need.  Changing the campus culture through the training of supervisors creates a better working environment not only for women, but also for all employees.  Such efforts align with the Commission’s mission and goals.