April 11, 2018



TO: Dr. Zinta Byrne, Interim Chair, President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity

FROM: President Tony Frank

RE: Commission Annual Report and Recommendations

Thanks and congratulations to you and the members of the President’s Commission for a successful 20th anniversary year.  I appreciate your report on progress made and look forward to our continued work together to advance the climate for women and gender equity at Colorado State.  Your budget expenditures this year appear appropriate to the work of the Commission.

Below are my responses to your specific recommendations.

Recommendation for Modification of Undergraduate Representation on the President’s Commission

“We recommend the representation of Undergraduates on the Commission for Women and Gender Equity be modified to support/include two undergraduate representative positions with two-year terms on an alternating basis starting Fall of 2018, such that one representative is always present at every meeting.”

I accept this recommendation.

Recommendation to Create a Task Force on University Sexuality Education for Inclusion, Equity, and Social Justice

“We recommend the university convene a Task Force on University Sexuality Education for Inclusion, Equity, and Social Justice to investigate, develop and implement short-, mid-, and long-term opportunities for providing the entire campus community – students, staff, and faculty – with educational resources and skills development related to sexuality, inclusion, equity, and social justice.”

Approved.  I will be naming a chair who can begin pulling together the appropriate parties from key areas so the Task Force can undertake its work.  I will review the charge and mission and coordinate with Cara Neth in my office on a final draft, following our conversation.

Recommendation for the Development of a Centralized Parental Resource Guide and Inventory of Resources

This is a two-part recommendation:

1. Develop a centralized website to house and highlight the existing resources available for CSU parents.

2. Complete an inventory of existing resources for parents and research what peer institutions are doing to support working parents.

I accept this recommendation and will assign this jointly to Vice President Lynn Johnson and VP for External Relations Tom Milligan.

Recommendation to Promptly Provide More Resources to the Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC)

“This Commission recommends that more resources be directed towards WGAC this fiscal year.  With some urgency, we recommend meeting with WGAC Director, Monica Rivera, and her staff to understand how CSU can better support WGAC advocacy.  Our understanding is that they are so busy providing advocacy to survivors that their staff are being taken away from other work including important prevention education efforts with the campus-wide Reframe initiative.”

This has been completed, so no further meeting is needed.  (I met with Monica Rivera before I received your recommendation and have already assigned the WGAC budget requests into the FY19 budget.)  We are in strong agreement on the importance of this office and its ongoing work on prevention education.

Thank you for a thoughtful set of recommendations.  In addition to discussing these recommendations and your progress this year, I look forward to beginning a conversation at our meeting about the Commission’s priorities and agenda for next year.

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