September 1, 2016

TO: President Tony Frank

FROM: Sue James on behalf of the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity

SUBJECT: Recommendation to Reconsider Past Recommendation: Partner Employee Relocation Program (1997)


In 1997, the Commission proposed that a program should be implemented to help partners of employees with the relocation process through support of the career center and other efforts to ensure that an employee’s partner could also find employment in a timely fashion.

According to Dan Bush, CSU spousal relocation employment assistance is currently non-centralized and depends upon the unit within the CSU system that the new employee has been hired into.  For example, if a person is hired into a faculty position their spouse may receive dual career assistance through the Provost’s Office.  The assistance is given on a person to person basis with the assistant of Dan Bush taking the lead in assisting the spouse of interest.

The HR and Guidance Resource Center suggests that outside of faculty, little help is offered for other staff.  The employee’s partner or spouse is offered six free counseling sessions through the Guidance Resource Center.  However, these sessions are limited to the spouse or partner in resume development, and “finding a career direction,” and does not offer direct assistance in finding a job.

Other universities in Colorado offer similar assistance programs, focusing mainly on faculty and admin only.  The University of Colorado system directs employees to seek assistance through the employee portal.  Metropolitan State and the University of Denver do not offer assistance programs.

However, it is common for universities around the U.S. to offer assistance in some form.  These range from webpages dedicated to referral services and providing information for local employers to centralized, in-house assistance to the spouses of newly hired employees where the University helps find jobs in or around the local area.  Similar to CSU some universities may offer assistance mainly for faculty, but some do offer assistance for all employees and their spouses.


The Commission recommends that a formal partner/spousal employee relocation program be created to help assist the partners/spouses of newly hired employees find employment either at CSU or within the community.  The Commission recommends using the program that the University of Notre Dame offers as a model and starting point when developing a program that fits with CSU (see attached info on the University of Notre Dame program).  The program should be offered university wide, which will eliminate any discrepancies between what is offered through departments and divisions and should focus on consultation, job search assistance, networking, providing access to University and community job openings, assistance with interview techniques, employment demographics, etc.

Promotes the Mission and Goal of the Commission

Providing such a service to incoming CSU employees will help build the university’s reputation as being family friendly and in turn help meet the goal of becoming the best place to work and learn.  The Commission feels that such a program would not only benefit women employees but also benefit women that come to the community as partners or spouses to employees.

University of Notre Dame Program Information
1997 Past Recommendation: Partner Employee Relocation Program
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