August 21, 2017


TO:  Dr. Sue James, Chair, President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity

FROM:  President Tony Frank

RE: Commission Report and Recommendations

Thank you to the Commission on Women and Gender Equity for the thoughtful set of recommendations you forwarded to me in July.  I have reviewed the recommendations and my responses to each are listed below:

Recommendation for Emergency Loan Employee-Assisted Payback or Emergency Loan Forgiveness

I agree it makes sense to explore the creation of an emergency grant and/or loan-forgiveness program for employees.  I have asked Vice President for University Operations Lynn Johnson and Associate Vice President for Human Capital Diana Prieto to take this on and get back to me and the Commission with a recommendation for how a program like this might be implemented and the cost implications for consideration in the budget process.

Recommendation for Employee-Focused Pantry or Resource Center

I support looking into how we could create such a resource center/pantry for CSU employees.  I will ask VP Johnson and AVP Prieto to take the lead on this, as well, involving Vice President for Student Affairs Blanche Hughes to investigate whether there are opportunities to build on existing student efforts.  This recommendation aligns with ongoing work by ASCSU and others to create options to support students with food insecurity issues.  Again, we’ll also want to assess budget implications.

Recommendation for the Creation of “On-Boarding Rams” at CSU

I support this recommendation and also the suggestion that the Commission consider funding the program.  I have asked AVP Prieto, working with Marsha Benedetti of Training and Organizational Development, to work with you on developing such a series in conjunction with the new employee orientation program.

Recommendation for Continuing Support of Training and Organizational Development Implementation of the Learning Management System

I support this recommendation and have already taken steps this summer to implement a system of heightened accountability around supervisor development.  The messages sent to both Cabinet and Deans and then to all Deans, Directors, and Department Heads are attached for your records.  These steps are critical and yet they also put fairly significant pressure on our Training and development and our Human Resources operations.  I hope you will join me in recognizing their hard work in helping to shift the culture and expand their capacity to support what we all believe is an essential move forward for CSU.

Recommendation for Supervisor Training to Address Concerns Related to Work/Life Balance

This is a component of the new supervisory development program we launched this fall.  I have shared your recommendation with Ms. Benedetti in Training and Organizational Development and she can provide additional information on how these issues are addressed in the curriculum.

Recommendation for Victims Leave Policy be Added to the AP Manual

I support this recommendation and recognize that it must be reviewed and approved through the normal processes to amend the manual.  For that purpose, I have forwarded this recommendation to Faculty Council Chair Tim Gallagher and Vice Chair Sue Doe for consideration, as well as to AP Council Chair Shannon Wagner and Provost and Executive Vice President Rick Miranda.

All of these recommendations, if implemented, will benefit our University and the life of our employees, in some cases our most vulnerable employees.  Thank you for your hard work, your research, and your willingness to take on some difficult challenges for the betterment of our campus and community.  Congratulations on a successful year in 2016-17, and best wishes as you begin what I know will be another highly productive year that will include our celebration of the Commission’s 20th anniversary in October.

Copy of Letter

Message to Cabinet and Deans

Message to Deans, Directors and Department Heads