TO: Dr. Tony Frank, President

FROM: Dr. Paola Malpezzi Price, Co-chair and members of the CWGE

SUBJECT: Recommendation for support for the SafeWalk Program for campus safety

DATE: March 21, 2013


Spring 2011, the CSU President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity (CWGE) met with President Tony Frank to discuss the results from the Campus Safety Survey conducted in 2010.  The perception of the lack of safety on campus emerged as one of the two main areas of concern from the survey results.  After the Commission’s conversation with President Frank, the Campus Safety Subcommittee investigated safety programs on campus and focused on the SafeWalk program.  The goal was to partner with the CSU Police Department to increase the SafeWalk program’s potential impact on the campus community.

Summer 2011, you granted funding for the maintenance of the SafeRide vehicle which allowed the CSU Police Department to have enough funds to purchase it.  Since receiving the vehicle, the SafeRide/Walk program has doubled in the number of uses.  Not only is there greater visibility of the program, but the vehicle allows CSUPD to now serve both the Foothills and Veterinary Teaching Hospital campuses.

The second part of our recommendation last year was to distribute key tags to students, faculty and staff in order to increase awareness and use of the SafeRide/Walk program and improve the perception of the actual safety on campus.  We are again making this recommendation.


Communicate the Availability of SafeWalk/Ride to the Campus Community
The sub-committee suggests distributing to students, faculty and staff key chain tags with SafeWalk/Ride telephone number on one side and a discount coupon from a campus food vendor on the other.  By adding the incentive of a discount to a campus vendor, we believe it would encourage individuals to put the tag on their keys and thereby having it on their person wherever they go.

We have contacted the vendors on campus and are working on an agreed upon discount to advertise their establishment on the key tags.

Potential Impact

During orientation sessions for new students, parents are often the individuals most enthused about the SafeWalk program.  The sub-committee’s recommendation is an easy and tangible way to actualize the parent’s enthusiasm about the program into usage by their students.  The purchase and distribution of these key tags would have a vast impact with a relatively small monetary investment.


Key chain cards 30,000 units: $2,000.00

Copy of Recommendation