TO: Dr. Tony Frank, President

FROM: Dr. Paola Malpezzi Price, Co-Chair and members of the CWGE

SUBJECT: Women of Color & Allies Network

DATE: May 11, 2012


This year the Women of Color & Allies Network collaborated with the College of Business and Accion to host two gatherings.  We provided two on-campus trainings on ‘How to Build Allies.’  Currently, the WOC & Allies Network is in the process of collaborating with Creative Services in the development of an outreach and recruitment video focusing on the experiences of women of color within the CSU community that is inclusive of faculty, staff and administrators.  Additionally, we plan to create a website with the help of Creative Services to assist with access and visibility of the WOC & Allies Network to campus members regarding events throughout the academic year.


We recommend support in the implementation of the above-mentioned video and website.  We ask for support through some funds to host two to three events that will strengthen the existing network of women of color and allies.

Copy of Recommendation