TO: Dr. Tony Frank, President

FROM: Dr. Paola Malpezzi Price, Co-Chair and members of the CWGE

SUBJECT: Checklist for Department Chairs of Faculty Requesting Parental Leave

DATE: May 11, 2012


In our memo to you dated May 19, 2011 we recommended changing the Checklist for Department Chairs of Faculty Requesting Parental Leave.  In April, 2012 we met with Provost Miranda about the current version of the checklist.  There was a discussion regarding the interpretation of “should” in the first sentence and the word “may” in the reference to modified duties.  There is confusion regarding how obligated the Department Chair is to follow the guidelines and modify duties.  This is leading to inconsistencies across campus regarding parental leave benefits.


Per a recommendation by Provost Miranda, we re-wrote the Checklist for Department Chairs regarding faculty requests for parental leave.  The following is our revised Checklist:

Checklist for Department Chairs

Faculty Requests for Parental Leave

Colorado State University

Office of the Provost

This checklist is provided for Department Chairs to provide guidance with faculty requests for parental leave.  Parental leave is appropriate in the case of birth of child, care for a newborn child or for a child newly placed for adoption or foster care with the employee.  Please follow the below guidelines:

  1. Confer with your faculty, as soon as practical, on approximate dates of leave(s).
  2. Provide the faculty member with information regarding his or her leave options (listed below).
  3. Agree on either a) Reduced or part-time appointment that allows faculty to work at less than a full-time appointment for up to one semester and/or b) Modified teaching responsibilities that will include one of the following: a course release, course reassignment, course banking or a teaching assignment of less than 16 weeks.  Other equivalent options may be possible upon mutual agreement and approval of the Provost’s office.  These modifications will result in no reduction in pay or benefits or negative impact on performance evaluations.
  4. Notify the untenured faculty member that he or she may request the extension of probationary period.  Refer to Section E. of the Faculty Manual: Extension of the Probationary Period.
  5. Provide the faculty member with information on basic benefits regarding sick leave and short-term disability from Human Resources Benefits Office.
  6. Inform the faculty member of his or her rights with regard to the Family and Medical Leave Act and provide him or her with the FML form.
  7. Inform the faculty member of his or her rights with regard to leave without pay available on the Provost’s webpage and provide the LWOP form.

For additional information on the leave process, refer to the flowchart that outlines the approval process for a request for leave from CSU.

Copy of Recommendation