TO: Dr. Tony Frank, Interim President

FROM: Dr. Carmen Menoni, Chair; Dr. Paola Malpezzi Price, Co-Chair

SUBJECT: Recommendations to Improve Working Conditions for Non-tenure Track Faculty

DATE: April 28, 2009

The Commission would like to bring to your attention the unstable working conditions that affect non-tenure track faculty at CSU, consisting mainly of women.  Non-tenure track faculty members are offered, for the most part, year-to-year or semester-to-semester contracts with job expectations that extend, in some cases, to service activities.  Temporary contracts make their relationships with students and supervisors vulnerable.

CWGE is encouraged by the University’s willingness to address the issues with the creation of the University wide committee headed by Professor Steven Shulman.  However, CWGE strongly recommends that CSU continue to follow the national trends for improving the working conditions of these professionals, as this affects the University’s competitiveness and general morale.  Mirroring the efforts of peer institutions such as Ohio State and CU Boulder would be a good starting point.

CWGE has sought endorsement of this recommendation for Faculty Council.  Its response is pending.

Copy of Recommendation