TO: Dr. Tony Frank, Interim President

FROM: Dr. Carmen Menoni, Chair; Dr. Paola Malpezzi-Price, Co-Chair

SUBJECT: Recommendation for Establishing of an Ombuds Program

DATE: April 28, 2009

The Commission of Women and Gender Equity recommends the University evaluate the creation of an Ombuds program as a resource for faculty, staff and administrators to utilize when confronted with uncertainties, concerns or conflicts.  The ombudspersons would serve as confidential and neutral resources to CSU employees in cases of interpersonal misunderstandings or disputes, or with concerns about academic or administrative issues.  The creation of such a structure could be implemented by recruiting a team of CSU professionals with good interpersonal skills and knowledge of the system, who would be willing to participate as apart of their service commitment to the University.

A similar program was established at the University of Colorado in 1997.  In this program, the ombudspersons are drawn from retired faculty members.  The program provides informal conflict management to students, faculty, staff, and administrators on the Boulder Campus.

CWGE has sought endorsement of this recommendation from Faculty Council, the CSU Benefits Committee and Administrative Professional Council.  Their answer is pending.

Copy of Recommendation