July 12, 2010


Dr. Paola Malpezzi-Price
President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity
Colorado State University

Dear Paola:

Thanks to you and the Commission on Women and Gender Equity for your continued, outstanding work throughout this past year.  I have received your recommendations and am happy to report that we are moving forward on all the issues you’ve noted.  While we certainly have a long way to go in each of these areas, I am writing both to officially accept your recommendations and provide the following updates:

  • Enhance maternity/parental leave policies for all employees: We are currently working to extend family leave (in particular maternity leave) by two additional weeks, and we will continue to assess your further suggestions for potential implementation.  We share the Commission’s goal of creating a more family-friendly work environment at Colorado State, both because it is important to our ability to recruit and retain top faculty and staff and because it is the right thing to do.
  • Improve work conditions for non-tenure track faculty: Provost Miranda has drafted a new template offer letter for Special Faculty that would not be restricted to a specific semester or academic year but allow for more open-ended assignments; the draft is currently being reviewed by the Office of General Counsel to assure we are fully complying with Colorado law while also allowing for more flexibility with these types of appointments.  We should have an update on that for you in the fall.  We are also closely tracking Faculty Council’s work on a proposal to develop a new category of faculty along the lines of the Senior Instructor model.
  • Act on results of Spring 2010 campus climate survey: We look forward to your survey results and expect this will be a focus of considerable open discussion across campus this coming year.
  • Schedule a meeting before the end of fall semester 2010 between you and CWGE members: Both Provost Miranda and I look forward to meeting with CWGE in the coming year, either together or at separate times.  Please contact my assistant, Katie Kalkstein, katie.kalkstein@colostate.edu, to make sure it gets on my calendar at a time that works best for CWGE.  In addition, it is my expectation that CWGE will begin to establish a close working relationship with Vice President for Diversity Mary Ontiveros, whom I expect to serve as the day-to-day administrative liaison with the Commission to ensure more frequent and consistent interaction with the senior administration.

Again, thanks to you all and the Commission members for your dedication and leadership over the past year.  I look forward to our continued collaboration in the months ahead.


Dr. Tony Frank

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