TO: Dr. Larry Penley, President

FROM: Carmen Menoni, Chair, Commission on Women and Gender Equity

SUBJECT: Recommendation for Parental Leave

DATE: May 2, 2008

The Commission remains committed to the establishment of a parental leave policy that is the same across all university units, and is gender neutral.  The Commission unanimously agreed that perceptions and cultural biases on parental leave generate difficult situations and choices.  The Commission recommends that the University considers the establishment of centralized funding to support the professional development of the affected individual and unit as positive steps towards finding a solution to this complex problem.  Along these lines, the CWGE is in full agreement with the recommendations of the Work-Life committee and strongly encourages its implementation.

A well-defined and attractive parental leave policy, consistent with what other universities offer, will impact new hires, retention as well as showcase CSU as a ‘family friendly’ working environment.