TO: Dr. Larry Penley, President

FROM: Carmen Menoni, Chair, Commission on Women and Gender Equity

SUBJECT: Recommendation for a Program to showcase women accomplishments on campus, “Breaking Barriers”

DATE: May 2, 2008

The Commission remains committed to the establishment of mechanisms that will increase the visibility of women on campus.  The selection in 2007 of two female faculty members as University Distinguished Professors is a milestone for Colorado state University and an important step to recognize highly accomplished women on campus.

The Commission strongly believes there is a need to create other venues for visibility of the women achievements on campus.  This year the CWGE developed a web-site housed at OEOD which showcases Hazaleous Award Winners.  The CWGE plans to expand its efforts and collaborate with other program such as TRIO, CASA, McNair to identify successful candidates to highlight on the website.

There are unique opportunities to promote a culture of “Breaking Barriers” which CWGE has identified:

  • Consider within its branding strategy to be inclusive of a “breaking barriers” culture that is inclusive of women and minorities, in which multiple images and voices are portrayed.
  • Consider including explicitly in the Provost video, specific examples of how CSU supports women faculty to be successful.
  • Consider providing incentives and acknowledgements to departments that promote and support the successful development of women professional careers.
  • Consider implementing mechanisms that allow tracking of women professional advances, especially for faculty members at a stage of promotion from Associate to Full professor level.
  • Support an effort of awareness of how bias operates.
  • Consider including CWGE website as an active link on the CSU’s main page.