TO: Diana Hiatt, Chair of the Diversity Coordinating Council

FROM: Ann M. Gill, Chair of Commission on Women and Gender Equity

SUBJECT: Commission on Women and Gender Equity

The Commission on Women and Gender Equity recommends a change in the membership procedures of the Commission.  Specifically, we recommend that a tenure-track faculty member be appointed as Vice Chair when the Commission Chair begins the second year of a two-year term.  At the expiration of the Chair’s term, the Vice Chair then will become Chair for a two-year term.  in the event that a Chair does not complete a two-year term, the Vice Chair would become the Chair for at least a two-year term.

This addition of a Vice Chair who becomes the Chair would ensure that Commission Chairs have experience on the knowledge of Commission activities before becoming Chair, eliminating an inevitable several months’ period of learning and adjustment, which has an adverse effect on the Commission’s progress.

Copy of Recommendation*

*Note: the year listed on the above recommendation memo is 2014, however, it has been determined from the contexts of the memos that the year is a typo and should be 2004.