TO: Gerry Bomotti, Vice President for Administrative Services

FROM: Ann M. Gill, Chair of Commission on Women and Gender Equity

SUBJECT: Campus Outdoor Lighting Plan

DATE: April 2, 2004

The Commission on Women and Gender Equity unanimously endorses the Campus Outdoor Lighting Plan and expresses strong support for continuing to make progress in upgrading lighting technology and adding lighting to those areas of campus where it is warranted.  In the past, progress on this Plan has resulted in significant improvement in perceptions of security on campus.  We hope the University will continue to make progress on the Plan, despite budgetary cutbacks.

The Commission also would encourage an educational campaign that would impress upon members of the campus community the importance of reporting burned-out bulbs to the appropriate authorities; this should be accepted as a responsibility of every member of the campus community rather than deemed the responsibility of Facilities employees.

Copy of Recommendation*

*Note: the year listed on the above recommendation memo is 2014, however, it has been determined from the contexts of the memos that the year is a typo and should be 2004.