December 18, 2002

TO: Diana Hiatt and Alan Tucker, for the Diversity Coordinating Committee

FROM: Pattie Cowell, for the Commission on Women and Gender Equity

RE: Domestic partner benefits

On December 11, 2002, the Commission on Women and Gender Equity voted unanimously in support of the current University initiative to provide domestic partner benefits as part of its cafeteria benefits system.  The internal discussion of this issue has been in process for at least eleven years.  More than two dozen public universities, including the University of Colorado, already offer domestic partner benefits.  Cost to the benefits system is insignificant.  For the record, the Commission wishes to join other campus units, especially the University Benefits Committee, as an advocate for domestic partner benefits.  If there is more the Commission can do to assist the University in its advocacy effort, let us know.

cc: President Albert Yates