August 17, 2016


Dear Campus Climate and Culture Subcommittee,

Thank you for being willing to participate in the Campus Climate and Culture Subcommittee as part of your work with the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity.  In keeping with the charge of the Commission to provide the President with recommendations and reports, I ask that this subcommittee evaluate areas within the topic of campus climate and culture and create a recommendation that can be submitted to the President by the Commission.  Recommendations can be targeted in a number of ways including a suggestion for the creation of a new program, resources provided for an existing program, alerting the President to an issue and expressing Commission support for the creation of a solution, etc.

For your reference, when the Commission brainstormed a specific list of topics, the following were listed under the Campus Climate and Culture category.  While your work does not have to be limited to or even include these specific topics, I ask that you keep them in mind as a place to start brainstorming where to begin your work.

Possible Topics for Campus Climate and Culture Subcommittee

  • Supervisor training/best practices
  • Women in leadership
  • Women in color
  • Men – educating/engaging/better support for men who are engaged
  • Bullying
  • Work/life balance
  • Implicit bias
  • Inflexible schedules/work loads
  • Principles of Community – how to support these values in our CSU society/community

As you being your work, remember that we have Rachael, our graduate student hourly, available to help you research the areas of interest you choose to pursue.  Please feel free to email her with requests for her assistance.  In order to help monitor her work load, please also copy Katie to your requests so that we can make sure we’re not overloading Rachael.

I am excited to see what recommendations you’ll bring back to the table.  While the work is being done in subcommittees, we all will still be there to support and assist each other.


Sue James, Chair