July 19, 2017


Dear Tony,

I am excited to present to you the annual report of the 2016-2017 President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity.  The following bulleted list provides the accomplishments of the Commission.

  • Established subcommittees to evaluate areas of concern including; Campus Climate and Culture, Employee Assistance, and Undergraduate Students
    • Recommendations were developed after taking an in-depth look at particular areas of concern and evaluating what CSU may already be doing to fix the problem, etc.
  • Continued working on a development campaign for CWGE and related units
    • Met with Prospect Research and the Directors of Development to get this process started.
    • There is clearly a strong group of individual, corporate, and foundation donors who support women and gender equity issues.  By working with University Advancement, we believe we can significantly elevate our ability to raise donor funds for women and gender equity initiatives.
  • Revamped PCWGE website to improve dissemination of information, resources, and highlight the Commission’s purpose and achievements and organized and added to the historical reference.
  • The Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty had a highly productive year.
    • Made progress on a wide range of topics, including salary equity and parental leave.
    • The campus climate for women faculty wrapped up their focus group study on female faculty and shared the findings with the administration and campus community.
  • Launched a planning team for the celebration of the Commission’s 20th Anniversary.
    • Working with events team, public relations/communications, development, etc. to create a meaningful and celebratory event.

The Commission would appreciate written feedback from you regarding your thoughts on the recommendations.  This written feedback will assist the Commission with tracking input and decisions, while improving their internal communications process.  The Commission’s work this year has resulted in several attached recommendations.  The Commission is scheduled to meet with you on August 22, 2017 to discuss the recommendations and report.

The Commission would like to thank you for your support and leadership.  In addition, I would like to personally thank you for the opportunity to chair the Commission – it is very rewarding and I look forward to a productive and exciting year ahead.

Enclosed with this annual report of the 2016-2017 Commission are:

Budget Report

Recommendations and corresponding attachments


Susan P. James, Ph.D.
Chair, President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity
Professor and Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering