The Commission was established in 1997 by the President Al Yates to assist the University in designing strategies and promoting activities that enhance gender equity and address women’s issues.  The Commission has worked closely with the Presidents of Colorado State University throughout the decades and was issued an updated charge in May 2014 by President Tony Frank.  This updated charge asks the Commission to identify areas of concern in gender equity and campus climate and provide specific recommendations to the President for areas that the University can improve.


The Commission shares the University’s goal of making Colorado State University the best environment for women to work, in any capacity – and all women, born female or not, are include in this understanding.


To assist in the creation of an environment at Colorado State University that fosters productive and supportive relationships and interactions among people.  Such an environment is one in which an inclusive gender identity is supported; women and men feel safe; all people are freed from limitations and restrictions of culturally defined sex roles; and all members of the campus community feel empowered and supported by the institution and University community in pursuing their professional and academic aspirations.


  • Identify areas of concern regarding gender equity, campus climate and other issues
  • Collect data and obtain an understanding of the issue
  • Make specific recommendations to the administration
  • Collaborate with other entities such as the Women and Gender Collaborative, Classified Personnel Council, Administrative Professional Council, etc.
  • The work will encompass the concerns and interests of all women throughout the University

Commission Structure

Commission membership is made up of 14 voting members – five academic faculty members, the chair of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty, three state classified staff members, three administrative professionals, one undergraduate student and 1 graduate student – and six ex officio members.

Final Selection

Once applications are submitted, the are reviewed by current members of the Commission.  The Commission then submits their recommendations for new members to the university President for final approval and appointment.  Applicants will receive a letter informing them of whether or not they have been appointed a member of the Commission.

Current Topics

The Commission is currently in the process of reviewing information and making recommendations on the following issues:

  • Campus Climate and Culture
  • Employee Assistance
  • Undergraduate Students
  • Professional Development/Awards
  • Planning of a 20th Anniversary Celebration for Fall 2017